Museums & Culture

Ixxy has a long history of working with the Museums and Culture sector, starting with the Science Museum websites and touchscreens in the early 90's. We have worked with the National Museums Directors Council on the Spoliation database, which led to us developing their public facing website. We also work with Discover South Kensington to develop and maintain their events website. Recently, we have created the Great Exhibition Road Festival website for Imperial College.

Our involvement in this sector has grown, moving into immersive technology and developing experiences for virtual art galleries and exhibitions.

We provide workshops to encourage development of in-house expertise in content generation. We believe the cost of content creation is one of the big stumbling blocks for organisations in the cultural sector. We continually research new ways to streamline this process.

War Bells is one of the smartest uses of VR I’ve seen for interpreting heritage. It shows that powerful storytelling within an immersive environment can help people reimagine buildings and objects.

– Kevin Bacon, Digital Manager. Brighton Pavilion and Museums

I am immensely happy with the experience, thanks for everything, had a real interesting and inspiring time, you really have done a great job….

– Dr. Theresia Anwander, Exhibitions Production Management