Museum of Other Realities Exhibition

Here at Ixxy we are proud of our founder Andy and the work he creates in his "spare time" and so we were delighted when the Museum of Other Realities agreed with us and decided to include some of his work in a recent exhibition:

There is also an interview with Andy that explains a bit more about Gossamer, gives his insight into the work and also his collaboration with our very own James Rampton on the music.

Andy said of the design “Generation based on randomness can often feel a bit arbitrary and meaningless. The trick is to balance the elements so there’s an illusion of something intentional going on”, he shared. The look and feel come from a love for geometry but also wanting to soften it, by getting rid of the ‘hard edges’ - to give it more fluid, life with breath and texture.

More of Andy's side projects can be seen at

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