What we do

Content Managed Websites

Our websites are based on a drop-dead-simple content management system that allows you to edit all the content yourself quickly and easily. Be it a shop, blog, or something we've not yet imagined, you can easily manage your own website.

Python & Django development

We have extensive experience as Python developers both for back-end functions for web applications and for standalone data and business automation tasks. We're happy to help you with existing Python or Django projects either as consultants, analysts or developers.

VR Workshops and Training

VR hardware is getting cheaper and simpler but the tools for producing immersive content are still difficult to get started with unless you have experience in video game technology. We have developed an approachable workflow aimed at bridging the gap between traditional digital skills and those needed for realtime VR content.

VR & Immersive development

We produce innovative and cost-effective work for the arts, education or museum sectors. We are especially interested in blending standard virtual content with site-specific and mixed reality content. Get in touch to discuss your ideas.

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