The Lily Foundation - Redesign

Helping The Lily Foundation to positively impact those affected by Mitochondrial Disease

Founded in 2007, The Lily Foundation emerged with a dedicated mission to support those affected by Mitochondrial Disease. Over the years, it has grown into the UK's premier charity for mitochondrial disease, raising £9.8 million in the process. This substantial fundraising has facilitated groundbreaking initiatives, including the establishment of the UK Mito Patient Registry, the innovative Lily Diagnostics project, and significant contributions to leading-edge research.

From the charity's inception, Ixxy has been an integral part of The Lily Foundation's journey, creating its inaugural website with a straightforward interface. Since then, Ixxy has played a pivotal role in expanding the charity's digital footprint, developing a sophisticated back-office system to enable the charity's operations.

As The Lily Foundation's online presence evolved from a basic information site to a multifaceted system that manages events, ticket sales, participant coordination, and integrates with specialised medical registry systems as well as the bespoke charity CRM system Donorfy, the complexity of their digital infrastructure increased. Recognising the necessity to align the website's functionality with the foundation's objectives, a strategic decision was made to undertake a comprehensive redesign to optimise the aims of the charity.

The Brief

To create a fully accessible digital platform designed to enable the charity to carry out their three key objectives:

  • education, information and raising public awareness of mitochondrial disease,
  • funding scientific research in the mitochondrial disease field,
  • delivering essential support to those affected by mitochondrial disease.

The Design

To deliver a relevant user experience and effectively segment content, the website is divided into two main sections, each distinguished by its colour theme. Pink signifies general information and fundraising initiatives aimed at the broader public and those seeking to learn more about mitochondrial disease. Green marks the section tailored for patients and medical professionals, offering specialised support, research insights, and a medical registry. 

Additionally, the site features a prominent Donate button linked to Donorfy, an expanded Shop, and a centralised Contact Us section serving all users' inquiries.

The Implementation

The redesigned Lily Foundation site was developed on the foundation of our own Ixxy CMS (content management system), which is tailored specifically to each client's requirements. For the Lily Foundation, we built out the CMS to enhance the organisational support through several key features:

  • A secure contact zone that efficiently directs inquiries and interactions to the appropriate departments, catering to a wide range of users from potential fundraisers to individuals in search of medical information and secure hosting for medical records.
  • Enhanced functionality for showcasing event details and managing ticket sales, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for event participants.
  • An optimised shopping experience designed to streamline the customer journey, thereby boosting merchandise sales and increasing revenue.
  • Integration with Donorfy, providing a seamless connection for managing donations and engaging with supporters.

At Ixxy we pride our selves on providing a comprehensive approach. For this project we sought to not only meet the specific needs of the Lily Foundation but to also significantly improve user engagement and support for the charity's mission.


Beyond Launch

In our journey with the Lily Foundation, the launch of the redesigned website marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the charity. Our "beyond launch" approach is built on the foundation of partnership, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. We're excited to continue our collaboration with the Lily Foundation, driving forward with a dynamic website that grows, adapts, and thrives in the service of their vital mission to help those affected by mitochondrial disease.

"We are thrilled with the final result and so grateful for your hard work and patience in bringing it all together. Thank you."

— Trudy Hope, Content Marketing Manager

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