Touch Stay

Touch Stay is an award winning SaaS company revolutionising the vacation rental industry with their digital guidebooks.

Founded in 2014 by Andy McNulty and Joe Jones, Touch Stay emerged from their shared experiences as frequent travellers facing the frustration of poor communication with rental accommodation hosts. Their digital guidebooks bridge this gap and have since become a cornerstone for hospitality professionals worldwide. Praised for enhancing guest experiences, Touch Stay is credited with boosting repeat bookings, extending stays, and ultimately ensuring happier guests.

A Summary of Our Partnership

In 2015, Touch Stay approached us to collaborate on their inaugural software product. Seeking a UK-based partner to refine and advance the initial version for a key exposition launch, we enthusiastically accepted the challenge. Our collaboration resulted in the successful delivery of an enhanced, next-generation Touch Stay product, laying the foundation for a two-year exclusive partnership.

During this period, we played a pivotal role in elevating Touch Stay's offering feature by feature, serving as their exclusive tech partners until 2017. At that juncture, Touch Stay reached a stage of growth where they established an in-house tech team, facilitated by investment in 2018. Since then, our relationship has transitioned to a Python consultancy service role, wherein we continue to support Touch Stay by providing strategic advice, guidance, and quality assessments for their in-house developers.

Work Undertaken

  • Initial project migration - Ixxy identified the need to leverage the power and flexibility that Django offers which was lacking in the existing web framework. Progressively moved parts of the product over to Django whilst the platform continued to function in production for live users.
  • Content Management System - a bespoke CMS system was built for property managers.
  • Product front end - an overhauled, completely bespoke single page application that drove an improved experience for guests.
  • Bespoke Integrations with Multiple Booking Partners - complex integrations with a number of booking platforms in order to merge with the Touch Stay app.

Current Work

  • Python consultanty service - ensuring the company road map is reflected in the structure and quality of it's technical foundations. We continue to work in close partnership with the in-house Touch Stay tech team to support the strategic growth of the company whilst providing an independent quality assessment service.

"The engagement of Ixxy has been instrumental to the development and growth of Touch Stay. Communication has always been honest and open. Always flexible in embracing our work methods as we have developed as a business, we value their extensive Python expertise. Having a trusted partner has remained crucial and will continue to be so in our ongoing collaboration - we see Ixxy as the 'solid rock' on which we grow."

— Joe Jones, Co-founder Touch Stay

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