Immersive technology and Web

What do we do?

Web development, design and content.

We're great at working with clients who don't want an off-the-peg solution. If your website needs to tie in closely with your business or you just need it to be amazingly easy to update yourself, we'll work with you to build what you need.

Research, consultancy and development in VR and other immersive technologies.

We built Gallery Ghost. We're big believers that virtual and augmented reality is much more than a passing fad and we're very knowledgable about the current state of the art and upcoming trends. If you've got a project in mind or you just want to explore what this new frontier can do for your business then get in touch. If you haven't tried it yourself then we're happy to arrange a demo.

We're especially interested in the application of VR to the cultural sector where we feel it can have a big impact in relation to education, accessibility, research and conservation.

We're pretty versatile!

If it runs on the web, desktop or mobile then we can probably build it for you. Websites, web apps for desktop and mobile, virtual reality experiences and games, e-commerce and other web-based services...

Tailor Made

We've created complex software that runs entire businesses but we also do equally demanding work on smaller websites where attention to detail is paramount.

Desktop or Mobile

Technology changes fast. We'll make sure our websites behave perfectly whether viewed on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Easy to edit

Everything we do is based on a drop-dead simple system that allows you to edit all the content yourself quickly and easily.

Great Support

By default you get backups, reliability monitoring and the ability to pick up the telephone and talk to us whenever you need to.

Our Work


Julia Harding, Managing Director, Crown Gardens

The Ixxy team developed our software that has enabled my company to grow from a sole trader venture to a thriving operation that now has an annual turnover of £2million. I was unable to find any solution off the shelf to control and manage the day to day admin of my holiday letting business, due to complicated pricing structures and the flexibility I demanded to cut costs on website admin.

Cheyvonne Barber, Spectrum Architectural

I would recommend Ixxy to friend’s, colleagues and associates who need help to design and build a website. I found the team incredibly helpful and they endeavoured to make the process as easy and a uncomplicated as possible for me as I am not very technical when it comes to website design. My colleagues and I are very happy with the service delivered and the support we receive.

Andrew Mason, Director, London Development Events

Since we started our company back in 2007 Ixxy have always been on hand to help with not only our websites, but with IT functionality that makes our business more efficient. I'm also quite pedantic and want things done yesterday so their competence and flexibility is a huge asset.

Tim Craine, Managing Director, Molior London

Can I just say how utterly brilliant the online database is? Never crashes, always quick to use, functions perfectly, looks solid.

Just great – thank you!

Contact us

Ixxy Ltd. 13 Trafalgar Road, Brighton BN41 1LD +44 (0)1273 906061